Welcome to the website of Jan Willem van Delft!

Already at a young age music was very attractive to Jan Willem. And it was mutual… At the age of 7 he started playing the piano. His parents encouraged him to continue his musiclessons at the Highschool for Music and Dance in Rotterdam, where he graduated in 1996. At the Royal Conservatorium in The Hague he studied jazz-piano with Rob van Bavel and Frans Elsen, where he graduated in 2002.

As a player, producer, arranger, composer, teacher and inspirator Jan Willem is busy in several musical areas. He is the founder of the Jan Willem van Delft Trioin which the gospel and jazz are mixed in a fresh, swinging and original way. This concept led to his first record ‘All that Hymns’, released in 2009, with contributions of Jeroen Vrolijk (drums), Mark Dekkers (bass) and Sharon Kips (vocals). In 2011 he recorded his second album ‘In Zijn aanwezigheid’(In His presence), a piano solo album.

Beside his solo projects Jan Willem is working with great pleasure and passion with singer Sharon Kips, singer/songwriter Janine, bigband The Convocation, blackgospelchoir Gospel Boulevardand ‘de Oden van Salomo’.

Jan Willem also works a lot in the studio as player, composer and arranger. For different artists and bands he played, composed and arranged over 80 records, including Gerald Troost, Sharon Kips, Janine, Gospel Boulevard, Marcel & Lydia Zimmer, Martin Brand, At Once, Linda Wagenmakers and Ronduit Praise Band.

The importance of passing on music to new generations is highly valued by Jan Willem. As an inspirator he is personal piano coach in his studio, gives bandcoaching, and shares his personal experiences in life and music at meetings, schools, churches.

Fortunately music is an universal language, so I didn’t need to translate the videos, audio and photos. 🙂

For more information or bookings, visit the contact-page or send me an email: janwillem@jwaymusic.nl