Metropole Orchestra with…? (please vote) Jan Willem van Delft

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Voting is possible till August 1, 2017.
Thank you so much for your support and help to make my dream reality!



Jan Willem about this contest and his dream:
‘For months I have been one of the top contenders of the contest of a lifetime: a chance to collaborate with the world-famous and Grammy-award winning Metropole Orchestra!
If I win, one of my own compositions could be arranged for the orchestra to record it together. This would be amazing, and a dream come true! But, there are other contestants too who have many fans. I have to be at position no. 1 (based on the number of votes) before August 1st to win. So, I need all the support I can get. Please support this campaign AND use the link beneath to vote for me. Thanks so much!


Watch the interview about my music and dreams about the collaboration and listen to the Orchestra.